Chapter 1837 Tactless Cop

Josias and Katherine enter the corridors of the General Hospital. Dr. Silvana was nearby and greeted them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Rocha, we are very sorry for what happened.” She states, “Everyone heard about Mr. Freire and his son.”

“A tragedy indeed,” Josias says, dryly, “Anything new?”

“The doctor is talking to Eldest Mr. Freire.” She points to the left of the hall.

Josias and Katherine turn left and find Wallace talking to the doctor. Wallace was wearing pajama pants and a tank top. His hair was messy.

“Mr. Freire, your brother had a head injury and inhaled a lot of smoke. We're doing our best, but...” The doctor shakes his head in regret, “Your nephew ran to the garage and inhaled less smoke, he was still conscious when the firefighters found him.”

“Poor Reuben...” Wallace holds back tears, “He got scared. It's understandable, he wasn't going to stay where it was burning everything.”

“We'll keep an eye on your brother. Excuse me.” The doctor hurries away.

Josias and Katherine approach car
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