Chapter 1836 Divine Punishment?

At dawn, Josias and Katherine slept spooned in the master suite. Katherine wore a lavender silk nightgown while Josias... well, you know.

But Josias was forced to at least put on some sweatpants because the butler who replaced Ernesto kept banging on the door, “BOSS! BOSS ROCHA, for the love of God, WAKE UP!”

Josias and Katherine wake up in fright, thinking that J.J. was dying.

“Not that, dear, MY SON!” Katherine exclaims as she pulls on the matching robe.

When Josias is presentable, she opens the varnished double doors to find the butler, similarly robed and pale-faced.

“What happened?”

“Madam... Boss Rocha, you must go to the general hospital.”

“What happened, Hector?” Josias exclaims in anguish.

“I got a call... Mr. Freire’s house exploded... father and son are in the hospital.”

“WHAT?” Josias exclaims, “But Mrs. Freire and her mother-in-law won’t be back until tomorrow!”

“Let’s go to the hospital now.” Katherine states as the lady of the house, “You guys take care of J.J.”

“Yes ma
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