Chapter 1838 You Love Me as I Am

Doctor Silvana is pleased to see that she managed to intimidate Ivan.

“Well then, sir, you are warned.” She states, “Treat the child with sensitivity.”

“I need to do my job.” Ivan huffs and hastily withdraws.

Doctor Silvana enters the room and finds Reuben with an angelic smile. He asks, “Is the cop coming back?”

She pats the child's head, “No, Reuben, your interview is over. You need to rest.”

“Yes, I need to be in good shape to go home. Did you know that I am going to marry Caroline Rocha?”

Doctor Silvana gives a hearty laugh. These kids today...

Meanwhile, Ivan dashes the adult wing. As he approaches Uélton's room, he freezes his steps and breaks out cold sweat when he sees Josias standing at the door.

Josias smiles slightly, “Sergeant Moraes, long time no see...”

“Cut that one!” Ivan barks, “You weren't dying to see me!”

“Not at all, but I imagine they assigned you to this case,” Josias responds derisively.

“I came to see if your clumsy friend forgot to turn off the gas.” Ivan rep
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