The Reborn Son Inlaw: From Failure To Triumph

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The Reborn Son Inlaw: From Failure To Triumph

By: Zee Cyril OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Rhys, a live in son in law of the Roberts family is unable to make it to the birthday celebration of his grandmother-in-law. Why? He had a very strange accident; He was supposed to try and get a gift under the pouring rain under the request of his wife, one minute he was crossing the road, the next, he saw a blue orb flash before his eyes before a car rams into him. He passes out by the side of the road, when he wakes up, he assumed that years had passed before his eyes, meanwhile it was just an hour. He returned to the birthday celebration with a broken present earning the wrath of his mother in law, wife and all that were present in the party. Leaving just a few words, he returns home under the pouring rain. When he got home, he discovered a blue orb brand on his left wrist. As he touched it to investigate, he appeared in a interdimensional space where a golden book was floating. Curiosity made him touch it, a searing pain overwhelmed his mind, causing him to pass out. As he woke up, he noticed that he had awakened the memories of a medicine god and a martial artist, returning to the interdimensional space; it was no longer empty but filled with rare herbs, books and weapon that would change the life of an ordinary man. A few days later, he had a completely different identity, he was no longer a live in son in law but also the young master of one of the most prominent families in the country. … follow Rhys as he trains himself and uses his enemies as his stepping stone to success.

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Chapter one
All he felt at that moment was the impact of the car hitting him, throwing him off balance and him being slammed on the wet walkway. Just a few meters away, a man stepped out of a car with an umbrella, he looked around carefully, probably worried that someone had seen his act. Upon seeing no bystanders or eyewitness, he approached the man who was laying of the walkway in a pool of his own blood which was being washed away by the rain. He lets out a maniac laugh seeing the man’s dire state. “You should only blame yourself for trying to keep what does not belong to you. You are nothing but a toad trying to eat swan meat.”Rhys groggily opened his eyes, he found the act of opening his eyelids very hard, coupled with the pain that was shooting from every corner of his body, the raindrops felt like whiplashes on his numerous wounds, he could only hiss in pain. When he could finally open his eyes, everything before him was blurry, a few steps close to him was a pair of glasses, shattered b
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Chapter two
It was the seventieth birthday party of Cecilia Meyers, the matriarch of the Meyers family. It was a big party and a lot of people who were invited to the party took this chance to show off their wealth, in order to impress her. The party was full of life, drinks and laughter, snacks and gossips, Clarissa and Brian Meyers had huge smiles on their faces as they chatted lightly with people, being the main hosts of the party, they had to oversee each happenings and activities. They looked like the perfect society couple, being that there were a aristocrats attending the party, they used this opportunity to show off Malia, their daughter who was a beauty.Well…Malia being Malia felt so full of herself, she looked around the room and upon not seeing the person that she least wanted to see, she had a huge smile on her face, which caused most of the men present to be entranced by her beauty.She was indeed a beauty, the red gown she was putting on had a long train at the back, it hugged he
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Chapter three
Rhys felt hurt and embarrassed as he leaves the hall but he doesn’t let it show. Seeing his wife in the arms of another man was a big slap to his face. His and Malia’s married was just an arranged one, something that was arranged by Malia’s grandfather before he passed away so there was no love in it but still he gave her the respect she deserved as his wife even though she simply didn’t care.She didn’t want them living in the same room, he respected that and moved to a different room, in the end, he was nothing but a live in son in law who had to rely on his wife’s family for everything. In the end, he still had to work like a slave of the family to earn his keep. There was no difference between him and a hired help. This was a bruise to his ego that was why he still took up petty jobs to make some cash but it was nothing to the one that Malia earned. She had brought up divorce too many times but he never agreed, in fact there were divorce papers in his room with Malia’s signature
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Chapter four
As more memories poured into his mind, the golden book shrank and became smaller and smaller. The pain in Rhys head did not reduce as more information appeared in his mind, he kept bleeding from his seven orifices, fell to his knees but his hand wasn’t released from the book, it was stuck like a glue.At some point, Rhys could no longer take the pain anymore and directly passed out. This didn’t stop the process but instead sped it up. It felt like days but in reality, minutes has just passed. The book shrank until it completely disappeared, Rhys was motionless in the ground, only the rise and fall of his chest was an indication that he was still alive.When he eventually opened his eyes, Rhys was no longer in a foggy area, instead he was in a garden; it didn’t seem like a typical garden, at a glance, he could tell that it was an herb garden. “Nine petal orchid, seven colored lotus, ginseng plant- huh?” He was surprised when he realized that he could list some of the herbs in the gard
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Chapter five
Rhys gritted his teeth as his body landed in the lake, for some unknown reason the water was hot, completely different from what he presumed. He bit on his lip as he felt so much pain all over his body, it felt as if a thousands ants were gnawing on his bones. He clenched his fist, his eyes became bloodshot as he stared at the sleeping Rio fiercely. Rio who was asleep felt shivers under Rhys stare but doesn’t wake up.‘He never told me that this would be painful.’ Rhys clenched his fist, fighting the urge to cry out in pain. Compared to the pain from when he received so much information from the book, this was a different level of pain.Black fluid seeped out of his skin into the water but it completely disappeared, Rhys doesn’t notice this as he was busy trying to remain conscious. The pain soon stopped, Rhys wobbles out of the lake. “I don’t think I can take one more round of this.” He stared hatefully at the lake, recalling Rio’s word, he tried to imagine himself in his bathroom.T
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Chapter six
As Rhys turned around, instead of a woman who he assumed was stalking him, he found himself face to face with a middle aged man. The man’s jaw dropped, his eyes were twitching, his mouth letting out incoherent words. “You- you- who are you?” The man inquired.Rhys raised an eyebrow, he looked around but the man wasn’t talking to anyone else but him, he pointed at himself. “Are you referring to me?”The man nodded with a huge grin on his face, his eyes were glossy with tears. “Yes, who are you? What is your name? Where is your family?”Rhys took a good look at the stranger, the man was well dressed in an expensive Armani suit, his hair well gelled and styled, his wristwatch screamed a eight figure sum. At first glance, you could tell that the man was rich, but on a normal day, this sort of personal would not even give Rhys a second glance not to talk of speaking to him. “My name is Rhys Meyers, do you know me?”No matter how many times he searched his memory, Rhys knew he had never me
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Chapter seven
Alessandro and Rhys were surrounded by bodyguards as they stepped out of the car, at first glance, Rhys could tell that it was a top class hospital, and they got bodyguards to accompany them thanks to Alessandro’s identity, no one was willing to bear the risks but Alessandro himself who simply drove an expensive car without guards or a driver.A group of doctor stepped out of the main entrance and lined on both sides to welcome the pair. “Mr Alessandro, what brings you here?” All of the doctors on the sides looked fidgety, knowing that a big shot had showed up but one doctor simply strolled out to meet Alessandro with a calm expression, he was even wearing a smile on his face.“Do I have to repeat myself Damian, the same procedures obviously.” Alessandro pulled Rhys forward, as he walked up to him.“Again?” The doctor mentally facepalmed. This wasn’t the first time his friend was showing up at his hospital; every time he appeared in the hospital, it was all for the same reason.“Yes.
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Chapter eight
“Rhys, do you mind becoming the ambassador for my hospital, with a face like yours, I’m sure-”“Do not listen to him Lucius, he is just trying to use you to create a bigger image for this hospital.” Alessandro interrupted him midway.“What do you know? Rhys what do you think of my offer? I can offer you so much money.”Alessandro sneered at him. “How much can you offer to the heir of Fernandez family?”“At least half of what you can offer. Rhys you won’t reject me right?” Damian took out two cards from his pocket, he handed them both to Rhys. “This is my business card with my personal contact number on it, and this black card is a first meeting gift. It contains about fifty million the last time I checked. I hope to can consider my offer.”“Damian, are you trying to bribe my son?”“Nope, just giving him enough benefits to convince him.” He rolled his eyes before sipping his champagne again.“I would think about it.” Rhys had a pronounced smile on his face as he held the black card,
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Chapter Nine
Rhys knew how it felt to have hopes being shattered to a million pieces. Every time a new couple came to the orphanage, he had hopes that they would take a liking to him and pick him, but in the end, it was just wistful dreams, it never happened. He had to watch them choose a different kid and go home like one big happy family; the type he never had and one he didn’t get before he was chased out of the orphanage.He was chased to the streets where he had to survive, he had to learn various skills for survival, some of which he was not proud of, others that he regretted every time he closed his eyes to sleep.“Rhys, Rhys.” The sound of his name snapped him back to reality, he looked at his father who was very concerned, the worried expression was not false. For a moment, he thought he was dreaming. Rhys assumed that he was just having a dream that would end at some point. “Are you okay, son?”“Yes, Dad. I was just thinking about the past.”“I’m sorry. The whole family failed you and I
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Chapter Ten
Rhys could tell that his father was angry by the way he clenched the steering wheel tightly, he thought that it might break. Few moments later, the car was parked in the VIP area of a restaurant.Alcatraz.At first glance, Rhys could tell that it was one of those luxurious and expensive restaurant where no one without an invitation or a proper identity could get in. He glanced at his father with a questioning gaze. “Why are we here?”“So you can get a proper meal.” Alessandro replied with a matter of fact tone before stepping out of the car.Rhys also stepped out and walked to his side, cautiously staring at the stern looking guards at the entrance. “Are you sure we should be here?”Alessandro simply stared at the restaurant in disdain, he took out a card from his pocket. It looked like a random black card but had the an insignia of a phoenix in flight and the word FERNANDEZ written in bold letters on the other side. “This is one of the Topaz family’s establishment. Who dares to stop
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