The Marvelous Boss

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The Marvelous Boss

By: Universeleap CompletedUrban/Realistic

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"How dare you to raise your voice? You are nothing but a leftover food person," Cole spat the wine on his face violently. Stella relished the taunts of her husband. Aside from that, to make it more enjoyable for her. She add the fuel in it, and asked everyone attention in the party. She asked the audience with a mocking chuckle, "My darling husband, has told me to behave like a wife. Do you all think I should follow my poor husband?" The audience laughed with her, underestimated him. The insults was unbearable for him. But the concealed truth was more essential to him than continual humiliation. Aiden was pushed out of the house to beg and eat meals from trash by his parents at age 10. He was taken to the jail to murder his uncle. Fortunately, he was adopted by a mysterious old man, who taught him all types of wisdom. At the age of 16, he became the best killer on Dark Web. At 17 he received his PhD degree in the greatest university. At the age of 20, he rose to become the rich men' most renowned physician and covert Mafia boss. But he yearned for solutions to all of his existential queries.And the only person knows about it, Lord Osric. To know his childhood hidden truth, he became son in law of Osric's family.


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94 chapters
Chapter 1. His fate
In a big elegant Mansion, decorated with many unique designs, screaming of nothing but abundant wealth, one could see a youngish man crying provously and begging the people, that surrounded him. "Take him away!" A loud voice full of resentment, thundered around the whole living room, sending chills down to the spine of the crying man. " No! Please........ please,,,,," lamentable, Aiden cried out more, with big fat tears rolling down from his eyes. Aiden stepped back, with his hands clasped together, and he was still begging his family. Even he himself was puzzled on what happened, but the only thing he knew was that he was innocent. But everyone just ignored his please... " I didn't do it. I swear, I know nothing about what you are accusing of! I will never murder my uncle! Am innocent please,,,,,," he bursted out, looking pitiful with his already swollen and red rimmed eyes. He sniffed loudly, but more tears still came out. "Please, you have to believe me. It wasn't me! I d
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Chapter-2 the Cure of Poison
" Hey guys, let's not make things difficult for this cry baby. He just came here, so let's welcome him properly!" A fat man, wearing an eye patch and appearing vicious, who seemed to be the head of the inmates, shook his head pointing to Aiden. " You are right boss, let's welcome him properly!" " A very proper way!" " That he won't forget!" The minions of the head of prisoners clenched their fists, cracking their knuckles, and they grinned as if they already find something interesting to do. Aiden looked up at them, despite his eyes clouded with nothing but tears, he sniffed pitifully, not getting what they meant. But there was a certain fear in him, which he couldn't decipher. Before the minions could do anything to Aiden, a loud bell ring interrupted them, and they all turned their heads backward. " Lunch is ready!" A chubby looking woman held the iron bar and announced loudly, making everyone to roar. Instantly, the food was passed to all the prisoners, and everyone
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Chapter -3 Saved the life
Instantly, everyone became puzzled, and this was when they all directed their gaze towards Aiden. "Poisoned and not sick.......what does he mean?" They all thought and looked at themselves. " Who is this man?" The doctor couldn't believe his ears, and he frowned hard as he stood up. " What are you?" " I am me," Aiden said with a harmless smile. But the doctor only became more confused and got suspicious of Aiden. " Do you even know what you are saying? How can you simply detect the lord is poisoned and not sick, with just a mere observation! Young man, we are not joking here okay? " As the doctor said all that, he seized Aiden up and down and shook his head. Aiden ignored whatever the doctor might be thinking about him and shrugged casually. " I know what am saying, and I am not the type to joke in times like this, or do I look like a jester to you?" He raised his brows, as he stared at the doctor, who was still frowning. " Then, why did you say the lord is poisoned and
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Chapter -4 Job Offers
Cole's eyes widened when he heard that and looked at Aiden in shock, waiting for confirmation. He was very surprised when he nodded and Aiden smiled at his Father. "You remember me?" Aiden said happily. "It's been a long time, Lord Osric." "Of course, the mark on your hand made me remember you," said the Lord. "It's nice seeing you again, Aiden. How are you?" The Turstin family is known as one of the most powerful in their country, that's why people's reaction to saying that Aiden is a Turstin is just that. "Are you here to perform the marriage contract?" The Lord asked again. Before Aiden could answer, Cole interrupted them. "What the hell? Is he really Aiden?" "Yes, I am," he said loudly. Cole laughed lightly. "Huh, I can't believe this. So, all this time you really have a business to our family?" Aiden nodded. "I already told you many times. I have something to do here and I need to talk to Lord Osric. Didn't I?" "So, you're here because of the marriage contract?! I don't ca
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Chapter-5 The New Job
That morning, Aiden was ready with his suit. He stood in front of the mirror to make sure that he looked very handsome that day.That day he planned to go to the address that Lord Osrich had offered him. Lord Osrich said that he would get a job there. Aiden left the house. By driving his car, he drove it to an address that he already knew. That morning's journey was very cool. Aiden even deliberately lowered his window to enjoy the cool air that morning. Accompanied by the sound of the radio, Aiden drove his car leisurely. He felt there was no need to rush.After about thirty minutes, Aiden finally arrived at a very sturdy building. The glass-dominated building looks very majestic, towering upwards.When the man got out of his car, Aiden was even more taken with the structure.Then, he stood in front of the car while adjusting his suit, which looked unkempt because he had been sitting in the car for too long. Then, Aiden stepped into the building. Aiden was confused about what he sh
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CHAPTER -6 New Task
Vincent (the manager) left the office. The man seemed busy playing on his cell phone. He had a crooked smile on his face as he read the messages on his phone screen. That time, Vincent was in the parking lot outside the building. It seemed there was something he was going to do from the way he acted, the man was combing around to see if there was anyone or not.Then he turned his attention back to his phone screen. He was waiting for a call from someone, and sure enough, not long after that, his smile broke and he picked up the phone."Hello!" Vincent greeted."How? Is he already there?" asked someone from the other side.Vincent smiled lopsidedly."Yes, he's already in the office. I told my hencher (Aaron) to pay attention at him," he replied."Hmmh... That's good."That was the last word for a while. It seemed that the person who was calling Vincent was thinking of something to order for Vincent. It was still unknown who was talking to Vincent at that time."Listen! I want you to d
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CHAPTER -7 Call Kay
Aiden chuckled. Aaron and Vincent's plan was really cunning, but Aiden did not feel afraid at all. Instead, he was more challenged to beat the two of them."You don't have to worry. I'll take care of all this," Aiden said soothingly because he knew Arianna was concerned about the situation."But, how?" asked Ariana. She still couldn't believe Aiden, especially since it was his first day on the job.Ariana thought. "What is the thing that I can rely on from that man?""You don't need to know, but I assure you that we will be able to get an autograph from Sprefix Company." Aiden spoke quite calmly."How can that be? Do you have acquaintances there?" Ariana was completely confused by Aiden's behavior. For Ariana, Aiden's words were impossible."You don't need to panic and worry about it. I know you're panicked and worried because you're afraid of getting fired. Me too, but don't worry!”“We do it both. I'm sure we'll get a signature from Sprefix Company. You don't need to know the ways
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CHAPTER -8 Can't meet the president
The next day, Aiden and Ariana were ready to go to Sprefix Company. Aiden had thought of everything. He ensured that he didn't miss a single thing. He also made sure nothing was forgotten to bring, while Ariana just kept quiet. Ariana's head was thinking about what her fate would be at that time."Let's go!" Aiden invited Ariana to go.It broke Ariana's daydream. The girl immediately gasped. "Now?""Yes." Aiden nodded his head. Ariana's face looked so lazy that Aiden asked. "When do you want us to leave?"Ariana exhaled her breath heavily because she was feeling very uneasy. Aiden knew Arianna's anxiety. Therefore, Aiden tried to calm her down."Listen! Don't worry about this!” “I'm sure today will go well. So all you have to do is concentrate and believe that we will return with the signature of our cooperation later."Ariana listened carefully to Aiden's words, which were very soothing to her feelings. Even for a moment, Ariana's heart felt so calm and sure that what Aiden said w
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CHAPTER -9 The Annoying Manager
Ariana was still regulating her breath so as not to be angry with the manager. She didn't want her plans to fall through because of this, especially since Aiden had already planned so much for that day. She didn't want to disappoint her co-worker."Don't mess with us! Quickly call the president right now!" Aiden spoke up this time.The man was a little annoyed with the manager's attitude, which was getting more and more time-consuming."Hey! Please be patient for a moment, sir!”“I'll let you in when your friend agrees to my request." Samuel replied very casually. This made Arianna even more angry. Ariana couldn't understand the man's lecherous thoughts."Come here! Come with me for a bit!" Samuel ordered. Then, he walked slightly away from Aiden. Ariana followed him. Samuel wanted to talk about the matter again and channel his passion. Samuel immediately touched Ariana's shoulder and prepared to take off Ariana's clothes one by one. He wanted to sleep with Ariana at that time. Ar
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CHAPTER -10 Kick Ariana and Aiden
Hearing the manager's response made Kay feel very angry. He didn't expect that he would be humiliated like that in company."You wait here a moment," Kay said, then walked out of the office and was about to make a call to the president.When he was outside the office building, Kay exhaled. He tried to control his emotions so as not to explode. After he felt that he had calmed his emotions enough, the man reached into his pocket for his cellphone, which was in his trouser pocket.The man was looking for the number of the president of Sprefix Company. Then he quickly made a call."Hello!" The president of Sprefix Company initiated the greeting.The man was a little scared when he received the call for the two of you."Are you in the office?" Kay inquired directly. He didn't want to talk a lot. Actually, he wanted to scold the president, but better not for now."Yes, I'm already at the office. I've been waiting for your arrival at my office," said the president with great respect. Even
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