Chapter 1843 Flavia is still hysterical

The following day, everyone gathered for Uélton Freire's funeral and burial.

Vernon took charge of the news story and tried to be as discreet as possible. If that happened while they were still enemies, the news in the newspaper would come out as acidic and disrespectful towards the deceased.

Wallace decided to shelter Isabel and Reuben in his house, in fact, Isabel's old house when Harold was still alive.

The radio in the living room was playing “Thank U” by Alanis Morissette, making Isabel sigh, “Yes, I thank God I had a wonderful son.”

Wallace notices a detail, “Mom, the fire destroyed a lot, including your computer! How are you going to work?”

“Don’t worry son. I have some money saved in my bank account. I can buy another one, just as I can buy other belongings.”

“I have what's left.” Reuben shakes out his backpack with some clothes they managed to salvage from the rubble.

Someone knocks on the door. Wallace goes to see who it is and finds Kelvin and Melissa outside.

“Can we get i
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