Rise of the Student Zillionaire Heir

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Rise of the Student Zillionaire Heir

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“Just because I’m poor, the feelings we’ve built for three years will end just like that!?” Charlie lowered his head. He clenched his fists tightly. So much so, the nails on his fingertips dug into his flesh. “Everyone, today you can look down on me. Just wait and see, I will definitely make you all regret by my success!” Charlie said with eyes that continued to blaze. **** Because of Charlie’s poor life, he was insulted and humiliated by everyone, including Amara, his high school sweetheart, who abandoned him for a wealthy man. Amara’s true nature left Charlie feeling desperate. However, out of the blue, he uncovered a family secret that changed everything. It turned out that Charlie was actually from a wealthy family, something he had never known. His long-lost grandfather, who had built an empire, left him a portion of his fortune. As if that weren’t enough, Charlie was also appointed as a director in one of the family’s companies, despite still being still a student! With newfound wealth and a prestigious position, Charlie was determined to show everyone who had ever underestimated him would kneel before him and beg for mercy. It was time to turn the tables and prove that he was more than just his humble beginnings.

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Chapter 1: Betrayal
San Setillo City.Enigma Enterprises Building Entrance.Charlie stood outside the building entrance, holding two movie tickets with a wide smile. Just then, a man and a woman strolled out.The man was wearing a suit with a luxury watch on his wrist and a sports car key hanging from his waist. While the woman had a tall and slender figure. Both seemed to be chatting pleasantly with occasional laughter.“Amara!” Charlie called out, hurrying over.But Amara’s expression suddenly changed when she saw Charlie coming over.“You…why are you here?! I told you not to come to my office! What if my colleagues see? I’ll be embarrassed!” Amara exclaimed, frustration.“Forget that, it’s our 3rd anniversary. Look, I have got a surprise for you. Haha... I bought movie tickets for us to watch today,” Charlie said with a smile, handing the cinema tickets to Amara.The man next to Amara in the suit, raised an eyebrow.“Anniversary? Are you two dating? Amara, didn’t you say you didn’t have a boyfriend?”
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Chapter 2: New director Arrival
“It’s good if you agree. Tomorrow morning, you will be the branch CEO of Enigma Enterprises in the city of San Setillo, how about that? I can arrange everything,” Ornell said with a smile.“Okay, Grandpa!” Charlie confidently replied.Ornell looked delighted to see Charlie agree. Initially, he was worried Charlie might refuse. But who would have thought everything would go smoothly.Ornell patted Charlie’s shoulder, “After you graduate, as long as you’re willing, you will inherit all of Enigma Enterprises’s assets!”After settling for a moment, Ornell bid farewell to return to the provincial capital as there were still many things to take care of. Perhaps, in the coming weeks, he would return to meet Charlie again. And he would inform Charlie that if he needed anything, he could contact him directly.After Ornell left.“I can’t believe it, it turns out I’m Ornell Donovan’s grandson, I’m the heir to Enigma Enterprises’s assets!” Charlie exclaimed in amazement.On the way home just now,
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Chapter 3: Fired!
When Wendall arrived in front of Charlie, he quickly bowed respectfully, “I apologize, Mr. Charlie, the traffic suddenly became congested, so my arrival was delayed.”Hah!Everyone was stunned to see Wendall bowing to Charlie! Especially Amara and Jekeil, their mouths agape with astonishment.What’s going on? Why is Mr. Wendall bowing like that in front of Charlie? Moreover, Mr. Wendall also addressed Charlie as Mr. Charlie?At this moment, Wendall turned to Wakee.“Mr. Wakee, Mr. Charlie here will be your new director. Why are you all still silent? Quickly pay your respects to him!” Wendall exclaimed.“What!? Is he... the new director?” Wakee’s face turned pale in an instant.“So, he is indeed the new director!?” All the employees at the location were shocked. Each of them could only remain silent in their place.Jekeil’s eyes widened even more after hearing it, as if something was wrong with his ears. On this sunny morning, he felt as though he had received an incredibly powerful sl
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Chapter 4: 10 million each as a meeting gift!
Jekeil, who once felt like he was living in heaven, now has to plunge into the deepest valley of hell.“Security! Get this father and son out of here!” Charlie shouted while waving his hand.Dozens of security guards beside him looked at each other. They were slightly hesitant, knowing Wakee was one of the executives in this company.Charlie frowned after seeing the doubt in the security guards’ hearts.“Why? Don’t you understand what I just said!? Or do you think I can’t kick them both out of here?” he said.“Well, sir. We’ll do it immediately!” replied one of the security chiefs. They realized that Charlie was the biological grandson of Mr. Ornell.With Charlie’s backing, the security guards felt no fear in evicting Mr. Mitchell and his son. Without further ado, they immediately stepped forward and escorted them out.“Damn it! Let go of your hands. Do you know who I am! Security like you dare to evict me from here! You’re asking for death!” Jekeil shouted.“Jekeil, you and your fath
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Chapter 5: Trouble with Professor Killer
“What!? 10 million each as a meeting gift!?”“Hail Mr. Charlie! Hail Mr. Charlie!”After everyone was surprised, they shouted with enthusiasm. One by one, they were overjoyed.In some ways, money does play a very important role. In this position, money can provide welfare to all employees. Moreover, the amount is also not insignificant. Ten million!“Our new director is so generous! Just meeting for the first time and immediately giving out that much money! Seen from any angle, he’s still much better than Wakee or Jekeil!”“Yes, I agree! If we continue to make even with a director like this, our future will definitely be much better!”....The employees were busy commenting here and there. After all, who doesn’t like a director who gives out money for free!? Unlike Wakee or Jekeil. They are both so picky. Anyone who can flatter them will certainly receive multiple benefits.The way Charlie used was successful in attracting everyone’s attention. There are over 100 employees in this com
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Chapter 6: Mr. Killer was fired
Mr. Adelio knows well that Charlie’s identity is not ordinary. How could someone from an ordinary family background easily donate 10 billion like that!?“My name is Charlie,” he said while sitting and crossing his legs, “Mr. Adelio, the donation I just gave is not without purpose. I have two requests for you.”“Alright, just tell me!” Mr. Adelio replied, nodding.Previously, Mr. Adelio had already thought so. This person must have intentions and goals when donating money to the campus!Charlie sipped the freshly made tea by Mr. Adelio’s secretary, “First, I want you to fire the lecturer named Rodrigo, or often called Mr. Killer! Second, to exempt me from all course requirements even though I often skip classes.”“No problem! That can be arranged!” Without further thought, Mr. Adelio immediately agreed to Charlie’s requests.Just firing one lecturer, right? That’s easy! There are many lecturers at this campus. And of course, 10 billion is more important!“Well then, I won’t take up any
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Chapter 7: Stabbing Montego
Some female students in the class started to feel restless and curious. If they could find out who the wealthy man donating funds to the campus was, they would resort to any means to get close to him. If successful, they would hit the jackpot.“Unfortunately, his name and class weren’t written above the notification. It only says that an unnamed student donated money to our campus!”“Exactly! Everyone is trying to find out about the rich person on web forums and other chat groups. But still, no one knows who this mysterious rich person is.”All the students in the class continued to discuss the matter.Listening to people who wouldn’t stop talking about him, Charlie chuckled. He didn’t expect the whole campus to know about the donation he made in such a short time.Before leaving the dean’s office, Charlie had already instructed Mr. Adelio not to publish his name and class. That way, he wouldn’t have to deal with this troublesome issue.After hearing the classmates’ remarks, Montego e
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Chapter 8: Caught Felixa in the Nightclub
After reading the document, Mr. Adelio’s face looked shocked.Based on the data, Charlie comes from a poor family. Two years ago, he even applied for a scholarship at the campus.How could someone who can donate 10 billion to the school come from a poor family?“Sir, perhaps this data is fake. With the money he has, it would be easy for Charlie to fabricate false data. He must want to live simply, that’s why he deliberately asked us to hide his identity in this donation,” said the secretary.The dean nodded, “True. I have a feeling that his status is not ordinary. However, we must treat him well. Don’t make him unhappy!”That night, at the Diamond Nightclub.Charlie was sitting at the bar table.“Miss, I need personal data of someone. His name is Montego Alvarez, a second-year student at San Setillo University,” said Charlie while handing a wad of money to the beautiful woman at the bar.The beautiful woman had long curly red hair. Her appearance was so sexy and charming. With her lon
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Chapter 9: Here to buy a car
After speaking, Charlie immediately pulled Felixa’s hand outside.After leaving the bar, Felixa’s face still looked shocked.“Charlie, you ... where did you get so much money? Are you doing something illegal?”So far Felixa has known Charlie as a man from a poor family. Last year, Charlie even had to apply for a scholarship to the campus. So, why could he give so much money to Galeno?“If I say I’m the grandson of Ornell Donovan, would you believe me?” asked Charlie with a smile.“Ornell Donovan from Enigma Enterprises? Impossible!” Felixa looked amazed.“It’s understandable if you don’t believe it. Same, I was like that at first. Just think I won the lottery,” said Charlie, spreading his hands to the side.Next, he took out 40 million and handed them to Felixa, “Take this money. Later, don’t sing in a place like this again.”“No! I can’t! We’re just classmates, how could I accept this much money from you!” Felixa quickly waved her hand.“Why not? You’re a good woman, it’s not right t
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Chapter 10: Centurion Card without limits
“What did you say? Are you here to buy a car?” Arvid’s voice sounded so loud.“Hahahaahaha!”Arvid and several salespeople beside him burst into laughter.The buyers in their store were wealthy people wearing branded clothes. How could there be wealthy people like Charlie dressed so shabbily?“Charlie, this is a luxury car showroom. We sell luxury cars, not a bicycle shop on the side of the road,” Arvid mocked.Charlie furrowed his brows, “I know, I do want to buy a car here. Why? Don’t you want to serve me?”He realized Arvid was belittling him.“Hey, buddy, do you know the price of cars in our store? It can reach billions, you know!”“True. With your standard, can you afford this car? Don’t joke!”The salespeople believed more in ghosts in this world than believing that Charlie, this shabby man, could buy an expensive car.“You ignorant commoners.” Charlie detested discriminatory people like them the most.“Buddy, what did you just say?!”The salespeople who heard Charlie’s words im
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