Chapter 1857 An excellent idea

Josias and Alan enter the office for a phone call.

“Son, I'm just going to take this phone call and we'll have lunch together with J.J.”

“OK, I want to know how he is.” Alan nods.

Josias takes the mouthpiece, “Hello?”

On the other side, Melissa doesn't know which tragedy to speak about first, “Josias, I'm desperate, not knowing what to do!”

Josias smiles slightly, “Take it easy, I'm here to help you.”

Melissa takes a deep breath to calm herself. It always works, “How was your conversation with Alan?”

“He has food for thought.” Josias faces his son, still wanting to talk more.

“I hope he changes his behavior because Izzy is leaving the penthouse right now.”

“WHAT?” Josias wonders, “Why are Isabel and Reuben leaving?”

Josias purposely repeats the information to impact Alan. In fact, Alan is also startled and feels guilty.

Melissa sneers, “Do I need to answer this question? Izzy said he is AFRAID of our son, isn't that an outrage? She fears that Alan will push Reuben off the balcony beca
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