Chapter 1858 A Wayward Son

After lunch, Josias takes Alan and J.J. to the hospital.

Alan is scowling and mumbling, “Dad, I told you I don't want to see my suicidal uncle. When will my will be respected?”

“When you're 21, and I can't even guarantee that.” Josias responds fatherly, “Son, this sounds cliché, but you’ll understand that there are certain things that need to be done, even if we don't like it.”

“You hate Uncle Will.” Alan insists, “Why did you come too?”

“Because of your grandparents and your mother,” Josias responds seriously.

“Are they my grandparents too, Daddy?” J.J. asks innocently.

“Of course, my son.” Josias smiles gently at his youngest son.

Alan notices the difference in treatment and becomes more sullen.

Upon reaching the lounge, they enter and find Caio, Simeon, and Dora.

“How is your clumsy son?” Josias asks jokingly.

Simeon sighs, “We don't know if his leg will hold this time, Josias. It's already the third or fourth time he's operated on it!"

“Remember, Seu Simeon, all expenses will be c
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