The god of medicine

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The god of medicine

By: Kiara OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Daniel Biao was kicked out of his family when he was only 10. From that day he was adopted by a mystery old man, who taught him all kinds of knowledge. At the age of 16, he became the best killer on Dark Web. At 17 he got his PhD degree in the best university. At 20 he became the most famous doctor among the rich guys... However, when he was 24, he disappeared. The richest men are all trying to find out him to save their lives, people on dark web are trying to find him to assassinate their enemies... In Cloud city, a young man walked into Wilson family, he took out a marriage contract and was mocked. “The loser like you want to marry our daughter? It’s a daydream!” But Daniel just shredded the contract. “No, I’m here to regret it.”

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    I like it.goid

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    very interesting story, I love it.

    2022-12-21 20:19:32
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    please if you like the book , leave a comment!

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73 chapters
Chapter 1In the villa of Wilson family, everyone was nervous because the lord of the family was badly sick. A doctor, sweating a lot, was checking the lord’s situation with all his advanced equipment. But he remained unconscious for hours. "Is something wrong?" asked a woman who was standing beside him. She had long hair and wore a light blue dress; she looked like a young lady. It was Lady Wilson. The doctor turned to face her. "You look worried."The doctor smiled awkwardly. "I'm sorry, but I don't think it's good news. He isn't going to get better soon."Lady Wilson frowned. She didn't know what kind of disease her husband had, so she couldn't be sure whether the doctor was right or not. But even if he wasn't getting better, there must be some way to save him. "Could you please tell me exactly how serious this is?"The doctor nodded and took out a thick book from under his coat. "It says here that his condition is very bad indeed...""What does this mean?""His heart has stopped
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marriage contract
Chapter 2 Everyone was confused, who was this guy? And what was he doing there?Doctor asked" How can you say like this? I am a doctor! And why do you say that?"Daniel pointing at the doctor and said: "He is poison. We should take him away from here."Doctor asked confuse" But what do you mean by saying that he is poison? Are you sure?"But Daniel had no answer for his question, how could he explain it to the doctor in such an easy way without getting into trouble? He did not know anything except for the fact that the lord was poisoned. Daniel pointing to the lord and said" Look, he is poisonous. The whole place is full with poisonous things. And I saw the black points on lord’s face and also felt the smell of the poison, it's amystery poison so you the doctor couldn’t find out the reason why the lord was unconscious.""You are here for what reason?" The eldest son of the Lord Jules asked to Daniel .Daniel raised his head and looked up to the man's face, then said: "I am daniel B
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Chapter 3"Freeze!" they shouted and Jules began to run away from Daniel.Daniel took a deep breath and stood up slowly, walking towards the men pointing their guns at him. He was unarmed and as good as dead if he didn't comply with them. The only thing that kept him alive right now was Jules, if he decided that he killed him, they would kill him without any hesitation.Daniel was still very calm, because after vomiting blood, the lord woke up. Everyone was shocked, especially the doctor. He rushed to his bedside and checked him over, trying to figure out what had happened. He started to check the lord’s situation right away and found that he was veryhealthy now. He couldn't believe it when she saw her lord's eye open, but even more unbelievable was seeing him speak. His voice sounded so weak, like something was strangling his throat.The lord couldn't talk or move properly but could understand what happened around him by listening to others' voices." What's going on here?" He asked
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Chapter 4Everyone in the family was shocked, they thought Daniel was here to take advantage of them, but Daniel didn’t.Murmurs echoed in the room."I thought he was there to marry Samira" said a voice."So he's here to cancel the contract? Unbelievable!" Added another voice."This young man is truly a man with dignity, he is not here for Lord's money""It's rare to see people like that these days, very rare even, you could even say impossible" .“I think he said that to see our different reactions”. Aris said sarcastically: " Daniel you just pretended to do this, so that you would get more from my family , so that you could get married to Samira. Am i right?" Daniel's face darkened and he said angrily: " that's not true, you're wrong. I don't know what you mean. ""You know very well what I mean, don't play dumb. You were planning this whole time, it's obvious." Aris was clearly angry now."Aris! You're speaking nonsense. I don't need your money, I came here to regret the contract
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Chapter 5The next day, Daniel went to the address the lord offered him,BKT Enterprise it was a great building. When he entered, he saw many young employees working, some were in their twenties, others in their thirties, older men and women. Everyone was busy with work, everyone seemed focused and serious.This place is amazing ! This is a dream come true!He smiled, feeling very happy, he walked to the reception and said :" Hi! I'm here to get a job." The receptionist was a beautiful girl. Her eyes were big and bright, her hair was black and shiny like silk, her skin was smooth as silk, she wore a pink blouse and a pair of matching pants, she was very beautiful, she looked like she could model for any fashion magazine." Hello sir! Can I have your name please? She asked" " Of course! I'm Daniel Biao" he replied. " Okay! Wait !" She said before made a call." Good morning! ""..."" Yes a certain Daniel Biao says he is here for a job" she said."..."" Yes" she said looking at him
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Chapter 6The manager left the office and he made a call, a man told him to make some troubles to Daniel and force him to leave.The manager promised. *Phone call between the manager and the man who wanted Daniel to leave the company*" Hi ! I have some news for you." The manager said." What ? " the man asked." Daniel the guy who was supposed to come, came today and currently he is already installed in our office. He is as you described to me, that is to say young, handsome, smart, and very intelligent" the manager said." Okay ! You know what you have to do now right?" The man asked ."Yes, I know what I have to do. I just want to make sure that everything works out as you planned." The manager said."Everything will be as expected and you will be rewarded for your efforts!" the man assured him."Okay!" The manager said happily." I will do whatever it takes! I will make him leave, no matter what! I even already have my little idea on how to get him out of the company." The manager
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Empire State building
***The rest of the day passed quickly for Daniel and Lisa. The more they worked, the better they got to know each other.When the clock struck five o'clock, Lisa announced that she had finished her tasks for the day.Daniel was also ready to go home. He had to be back the following morning very early. He and Lisa had to find a strategy to get the contract with Empire State Building."See you tomorrow Dani" she said."See you tomorrow! " Daniel replied.Both went to their respective cars. Lisa was going home while Daniel was going to his apartment.***Daniel arrived at his apartment tired. Once inside, he took his clothes off and put on his pajama. He lay down on his bed and closed his eyes.It was a nice and sunny day, the birds were singing in the sky. The sun shone from the window, he felt asleep.The next day, Daniel woke up very early, he had to prepare for work. He had to be there very early because he wanted to avoid the traffic jam.He got up and washed his face, he looked at
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Chapter 8The next day, Daniel and Lisa arrived at the office early.They decided to scout Empire State Building together, this would be a good opportunity to get to know each other better."So, how did you sleep?" Daniel asked."Very badly! I kept thinking about the owner of Empire State Building Company. I hope he gets back soon." Lisa said."Me too! " Daniel said.***Daniel and Lisa were scouting Empire State Building.Empire state Building was a big building located in New York. It was a big company, with Six floors, It was very impressive."Wow! This place is huge!" Lisa exclaimed."Yeah!" Daniel said.They both admired the beautiful design of the Empire State Building.Daniel had never seen anything like it, he was excited to get the contract.As they toured the building, they saw people working there, some of them were cleaning offices and others were preparing meals."That looks delicious!" Lisa said pointing at the food being prepared."Yeah! Those cookies look really good!
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Chapter 9 "Why were you speaking so negatively about Daniel?" Lord Wilson asked. "I was angry, why did he come here? he wants to take advantage of us and you don't see that." Jules answered. "Jules! What are you saying? Don't speak like that!" Lord Wilson said. "Why are we even talking about Daniel? He has nothing to do with us" Jules said. "You don't have to talk like that!" Lord Wilson said. "He is a stranger!" Jules argued. " He's not a stranger , his parents and I were very good friends. I consider him as my son, therefore he is like a brother to you" Lord Wilson said. "But you don't have to treat him like that!" Samira said. "Leave this topic!" Lord Wilson ordered them. The atmosphere became tense in the dining room. The lord left the dinning room angry, his wife followed him. Before leaving, she turned to her children and told them "be polite to your father" She blamed them. " Mom, I didn't do anything, talk to Samira and Jules instead" Aris defended himself. A wee
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in danger
Daniel did not know that he was being followed.One night, after his meetings with Mr. Dube, he went home. He was exhausted and very tired.His apartment was quiet, but he could hear someone walking around.He decided to investigate.He searched the house and finally found a suspicious person hiding in the closet in his bedroom."Excuse me!" Daniel said.The intruder jumped with fright.He was a young man, he wore a black suit and a white shirt.He was surprised to find Daniel in his bedroom.He looked scared."Who are you? What are you doing here?" Daniel asked."I... I don't know!" the young man said."How did you get in here? There is no way to enter this place without using the keypad code" Daniel asked."I don't know!" he protested."Can I ask you some questions?" Daniel asked."Yes! Yes! Of course!" the young man said."Where did you come from? Who are you working for?" Daniel asked."I don't know! I'm sorry!" the young man said.Daniel was convinced that this intruder was one o
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