Chapter 1859 I Admitted It Nicely

Josias is indignant when he sees that Alan becomes more rude and rebellious.

“Alan, you hate your Uncle Will so much that you're becoming just like him.”

Alan widens his eyes to the fullest, “WHAT? How is such a thing possible?”

Dora feels her heart sink, “Josias, you don't have to be so rough on my grandson. I'm sure he won't be hospitalized here all the time. Right, Alan?”

Alan smirks, “Sure, Grandma. I will triumph in this world. I can't say the same for Uncle Will. Cousin Caio, no offense.”

“I really want you to be a winner, Alan.” Caio asserts.

Simeon gestures, “OK, OK, let's stop this shameful talk! Are we a family or not?”

Alan was going to retort, but Josias's fierce gaze silenced him. Another slap would be too humiliating.


Kelvin takes Isabel and Reuben to Wallace's house. Wallace awaits and welcomes them.

“Mom, welcome back!” Wallace hugs her, “You too, nephew.”

“This is my first time living here, Uncle Wally.” Reuben jokes.

Adults laugh. Wallace breaks the hug and tu
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