Chapter 1877 J.J., Heir?

A few days passed. Ronaldo notices his children eating breakfast in silence. Weird silence.

“OK, can someone tell me what's going on?” He asks seriously, “Any fiancées give up the double wedding?”

“There was no withdrawal, but a removal,” Octavio responds while munching on his bread and butter.

“What do you mean, removal?” Ronaldo leans forward.

“We won't have the Mountain family at the wedding. Maybe we can keep Kelvin and Mrs. Marçal, but...” Octavio shakes his head in displeasure.

“Is Daryl Mountain out?” Jack is amazed, “Bro, Veronica is his cousin. How are we going to explain this?”

“I don't want him at the wedding!” Octavio rages, “He's plotting and sowing discord while pretending to be Josias's friend. He's imitating his mother's footsteps!”

Ronaldo reacts in displeasure and forgets the tofu he had in front of him, “How unpleasant. That woman is far away, to the delight of all of us. She wasn’t invited.”

“Don't worry, father.” Jack wipes his mouth with a napkin, “We promise you
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