Chapter 1883 Wedding and Farewell

Alan is taken aback when his father informs him that he is moving into Rocha Mansion. Nobody thought to ask if he wanted this?

“Father, why do you want to separate me from my family?” Alan asks sharply.

“Hey, I thought I was your family too, your father!” Josias replies between giggles.

“This is not funny!” Alan scowls, the same as hours ago, “Caroline needs me.”

Caroline approaches everyone. Reuben's dress pants are all dirty from tripping over the flower arrangement so many times.

“Hello, Aunt Melissa. Your daughter is delivered.” Reuben acts like a 19th-century gentleman, “Hello, Uncle Josias.”

“And me, won't you say hello?” Alan asks sourly.

“For what?” Reuben calmly retorts, “Don't you want to be my friend anymore? Thy will be done!”

Reuben turns on his heel and leaves. Isabel watches her grandson from afar and smiles, understanding that he did well in the confrontation.

Josias is satisfied with Reuben, “He is the exact copy of Uélton. As for you, young man, as soon as you get ba
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