Chapter 1886 The Next Soap Opera Will Be...

Josias enters Alan's room and is surprised by the mess. The sheets are unfolded, the bed is unmade, there are cookie crumbs on the floor, cans of soda smell bad, and posters of half-naked women on one of the walls.

Alan has his back to his father dancing to 'Nice Guys Finish Last' by Green Day. But Josias reaches for the portable radio and firmly turns it off.

With the sound cut off, Alan turns around and finds whoever turned off the radio, “Hey Dad, I was listening.”

Josias rips off the indecent posters, “Who or how did you get this pornographic crap?”

Alan smirks lewdly, “One of my classmates is the son of a newsstand owner.”

Josias rips the posters to shreds, “These things are forbidden in my mansion, understood? Don't offend Kate, don't pollute your little brother's mind!”

Alan sneers at his father, “Are you mentioning Kate? Who says she wasn't like one of those girls before she met you?”

Josias doesn't let himself be taken in by the provocation, “Young man, I've heard a lot of co
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