Chapter 1887 Did Alan Start to Get Better?

A few days passed, enough for Octavio and Jane to return from their honeymoon.

Elza and Vernon welcomed the couple at the Rocha Hotel with effusiveness.

“Own, my fake daughter...” Elza exclaimed as she hugged Jane, “You must have had fun, I hope.”

“Oh, we sure had fun.” Jane blinks.

Vernon asks Octavio, “Did any of my photographers reach you in Guarujá?”

“I hope not.” Octavio chuckles.

Jane breaks the hug and goes back to being the efficient secretary, “OK, let's stop the fun. Mrs. Queiroz, what are the tasks—”

Elza makes a face and gestures frantically, “Hey, hey, HEY! What is that? Who said you came to work as a secretary?”

Jane is stunned, “Ehr... did I get fired during my honeymoon?”

Elza smiles at her, “No, my dear. You got a better job, that's what!”

“I don't understand...”

Vernon breaks the news, “Jane Motta, you are now the maid manager at the Rocha Hotel! Mrs. Rosalez retired. What do you think?”

Jane is pleasantly awestruck. She turns to her husband as if asking permission a
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