Chapter 1904 Melissa Doesn't Falter

Hours passed, and Daryl took matters into his own hands as the patriarch of the Mountain family.

The adults are gathered in Melissa's office. Daryl wore a T-shirt, and the women wore Bermuda shorts over their bikinis, but Kelvin is still shirtless in his trunks.

Daryl determines, “After all the information Josias has given Melissa, we need to look for another swim instructor. Caroline has been voted 'the Princess of Lagoon City' by our fans, and if anything happens to her, the public will blame US instead of the rapist.”

“How is that possible, dear?” Diane asks wide-eyed.

“People will ask why we didn't realize this sooner.” Daryl responds in a serious tone, “They expect us to protect the kids from everything.”

Melissa keeps pensive, without giving an opinion.

Diane adds, “Maybe that's why he didn't want to name names when he met me.”

Someone knocks on the door. Francisco sees who it is, it's Rodrigo.

“Father, I’m here. What happened?” Rodrigo is amazed to see the family together.

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