Chapter 1911 Was There Abuse?

After long minutes of crying, Vera decided to pull herself together and lift her head, “Why am I so desperate? I'm sure Wally will never pay attention to the whore who got pregnant again.”

Carmen smiles reassuringly, “That's right, my friend, let's think positively. Hey, is the radio off?”

“Ih!” Vera runs to follow the tradition. Otherwise, Teodoro's ghost would haunt the building, so they believe. Jennifer Lopez's song “If You Had My Love” filled the room.

“New singer?” Carmen scratches the back of her head.

“I don’t know her.” Vera answers with a shrug, “1999 has been the year of debutant pop female singers.”

Carmen jokes, “If I take singing lessons, maybe Tiago will be interested in introducing me.”

Wallace appears and sees Vera wiping away her tears, “Vera, was the joke so funny you're crying?”

“No, honey, I was crying because Pamela called again.” Vera replies, snuggling into his chest, “I think we better report her to the police.”

“Moral harassment,” Wallace responds with a frow
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