Chapter 1912 Your silence benefits him!

In the Mountain Penthouse, Simeon and William visited Dora to talk about the news. William found Josias's distress amusing.

“You’ll see.” He remarks between chuckles, “Everything will work itself out, and Josias will have to apologize on his knees to the instructor. This will teach him to be humble and stop accusing others of the worst things.”

Simeon raises an eyebrow, “Do you include yourself in this, son?”

“Clear!” William brags, “Haven't I been behaving myself?”

Dora serves them coffee and bread in the kitchen, “You still haven't rebuilt Uélton's house as Josias ordered. So it's all the same.”

William points to the crutches, “I think I've had enough punishment. Anyway, my sister will sort it all out.”

The bell rings. Dora withdraws to answer it.

William eats voraciously and Simeon notices him, “Son, be careful not to get too fat. This makes it harder to get around.”

William chews and swallows, “Thanks for your concern, Dad, but the cornbread here is perfect and delicious!”

Dora re
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