Chapter 1929 It Was Supposed To Stay Under Wraps

The press who were dying to glean some bombshell information during Isabel's book signing rushed to see Mrs. Kate Rocha slapping Mrs. Maggie Marçal.

Celebrity fight always gives an audience!

But Bernardo and Francisco were faster and stopped the two ladies.

Bernardo roars, “What's going on here? Mrs. Rocha, why did you hit my wife?”

“Your wife is a damn gossiper!” Katherine screams at the top of her lungs, “By what authorization did she have to divulge personal matters?”

Maggie massages her burning cheek. Bernardo keeps holding her so she doesn't jump on top of Katherine.

“Kate, I thought I was doing a public benefit!” Maggie asserts, indignant, “That man harassed you. Why would you want to keep it hidden?”

“This wasn’t necessarily hidden, the police were already taking care of it!” Katherine retorts, “Now the swimming instructor is going to flee Brazil when he sees his face in the magazine. That’s if he hasn’t already!”

Bernardo responds, “Wait, until yesterday, this guy was giving C
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