Chapter 1930 Josias Goes After His Wife

Josias could hardly believe it when he heard that his wife had been involved in fights. He turned red with anger and his eyes boiled with indignation, “What does this mean? How did my wife get involved in such a scandal?”

“Melissa would never get involved in that.” Rosemary asserts.

Beto hurriedly approaches, “Daughter, don’t get involved in this matter.”

Josias nods, “It's okay, Beto. I need to check this further. Excuse me, see you another day!”

Rosemary and Pedro say goodbye, “Bye, Uncle Josias!”

Josias waves goodbye with a slight smile and leaves.

Rosemary turns to Beto, “Dad, now that it's just us, we need to talk about our family.”

Beto is interested, “What is it, Rose?”

“Will the other baby my mother bore count as our half-brother as well?” Rosemary asks with displeasure.

“I don't even know his name.” Pedro scratches his head, confused.

Beto purses his lips. Pamela's promiscuity confuses her children! “Guys, in a way, he's your half-brother. Now I cannot guarantee a normal coex
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