Chapter 1931 Kate Explains by Not Explaining

Katherine is crying her eyes out on the bed in the master suite at Rocha Mansion. She's already in her nightgown even though it's still afternoon.

J.J. enters the room and is startled by what he sees, “Mom, are you feeling ill?”

“Don’t worry, son. Mom has already taken a pill. Go play with Alan.”

“Alan left, remember?”


“What?” J.J. widens his eyes.

“It was nothing, son, Mommy has a fever.” Katherine doesn't face her son.

“I'm going to check if Daddy's coming.” J.J. slowly walks out of the suite.

Coincidentally, Josias appears and bumps into his son in the hallway, “J.J., is your mother here?”

“Yes, Dad! She's in the room with a fever! Don't worry, she's already taken a pill.” J.J. responds with an angelic smile, “Daddy, Mommy isn’t going to die, is she?”

Josias had to stop himself from saying yes. He just strokes his son's hair and leads him further away from the master suite door.

Katherine heard Josias's voice and tried to force tears to sad him.

Josias returns to t
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