Chapter 1960 A Dangerous Interview

At Marçal Publishing, Maggie receives a call from a furious Gabriela, “Hello?”

“Maggie, we have problems!” Gabriela exclaims, “Josias Rocha didn’t fall in love with me!”

Maggie is shocked, “But what happened? Didn't you wear the nightgown?”

“Yes, I have been wearing the nightgown, but he is determined to tell everyone that I deserved to be beaten due to the article!” Gabriela sits on the sofa huffing.

“How absurd!” Maggie narrows her eyes, “He wants both Kate and you to own up to their mistake?”

“Yes, but I told him what I think to his face.” Gabriela smirks, “I told him that if Kate freaked out over what I hinted at, it's because I unknowingly spoke the truth: she got aroused by Mr. Guzman and is now trying to pose as a faithful and loyal wife by accusing the poor guy of being flirtatious!”

Maggie is uneasy, “Oh, Gabi, I don't know if that was a smart move.”

“He'll get that in his head and mull it over.” Gabriela responds confidently, “And he looked so sexy in that Italian-cut suit..
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