Chapter 1969 What's Your Price?

A few more days passed. Instead of controversial and sensationalist articles, the LCN newspaper and Maggiezine just announced that Kate Rocha, the lady of Lagoon City, had recovered her health and returned home to finish her rest.

Servants struggled to sort letters and flower bouquets sent by fans. Cards expressing best wishes also poured in.

Katherine got an inflated ego and thought about using public opinion to slaughter her enemies. But her eyes were burning from reading so many letters, without any of them advising her to sue Cláudio and Gabriela.

“What the hell! No fan of mine supports me in suing those two! And Josias is speaking of...”

Alone in the master suite and comfortable in her silk nightgown, Katherine takes out her cell phone and calls Figueira.

On the other side, Figueira answers, terrified, “Hello, Mrs. Rocha.”

“Figueira, I'm feeling better. So, how are our plans going?”

Figueira stutters and sweats coldly, “Ehr... M-Mrs. Rocha, your husband called ordering me to canc
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