Chapter 1972 Trying to Deceive

Melissa and Kelvin enter the Mountain Penthouse still stunned by what happened. Dora is vacuuming the carpet in the living room. The song “(You Drive Me) Crazy”, by Britney Spears, tries to compete with the noise of the vacuum cleaner.

Melissa jokes, “Mom, no one is listening to the music with that set on.”

Dora turns off the vacuum and the music becomes more audible, “Someone needs to clean up the mess. Hey, you look serious, Kelvin.”

Kelvin stares at the stereo, “The song seems to have been tailor-made for crazy Katherine. She is driving us crazy with her absurd outbursts.”

Dora sits on the sofa, curious, “Tell me about it! What did she do? Did you find her on the street?”

Melissa shakes her head in disdain and sits down next to her mother, “She should rest, right? But she was walking down the street unsteadily, looking like she was going to have a nervous breakdown again.”

Kelvin scratches his chin, “Actually, honey... we were not far from the police station. Could it be that she w
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