Chapter 1973 Come to My Mansion

In the next issue of Maggiezine, Gabriela Alves's retraction was finally published concerning the article she wrote speculating on a forbidden romance between Katherine and Cláudio.

Many readers were disappointed, as they really wanted the thing to be outrageous and juicy. But...

Pages later, another writer published another bombshell article about Kate, with a picture of her being slapped by Melissa!

“The former and current Mrs. Rocha fight in the middle of the street! Who will win this contest?”

At Rocha Mansion, Josias was smiling after reading the retraction. He even considered insisting on giving Gabriela financial compensation. Poor girl, she deserves it.

But when he turned to other pages and saw the article, the smile disappeared like thin air and clouds gathered in his head.

Unsatisfied, he took the cell phone that was on the table next to the armchair and dialed a number.

In the master suite at the Mountain Penthouse, Melissa and Kelvin were still waking up after a perfect ni
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