Chapter 1978 Nerve to Complain

Claudio couldn't believe that Katherine was inside the apartment demanding that they talk as if they were still companions in some adventure.

“Hey, who let you in?” Claudio exclaims.

“Throw me out, then!” Katherine challenges him.

Cláudio, fearing being accused again, controls his instincts, “Okay, just say what you want.”

“I want you to get out of town.” Katherine declares through gritted teeth, “I want everyone to forget you exist.”

Cláudio smiles mockingly, “Look, your husband sent Mr. Bento to pay me whatever I wanted to let the matter drop. I joked that I wanted to receive a million reais and a ticket to Boston, but they paid me the same day!”

Katherine's eyes widen, “Why would my husband be willing to spend money on someone like you?”

Claudio laughs, “Wow, I used to be so sexy and desirable, now I'm just 'somebody' to you?”

Katherine swallows her sexual urge, “I didn't come to talk about this—“

“But ‘this’ is the only thing that keeps us tied together!” Claudio blusters, “You go
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