Chapter 1979 A Funeral?

Katherine could hardly believe it. Behold, she was slapped by someone who is below her husband!

She gets up and massages her sore cheek, “My husband will kill you!”

“I guess the opposite is happening, huh?” Daryl rubs his hand on his clothes like he's touched a garbage bag.

Katherine narrows her eyes, “It seems like the whole world saw my husband's press conference.”

“Kate, why do you subject yourself to these humiliations?” Daryl crosses his arms, “Why don't you act like Melissa when she was Mrs. Rocha?”

Melissa's eyes catch fire, “I'm not like that bitch!”

Daryl raises his hand to slap her again, but Katherine screams and recoils, trying to protect herself, “ARGH!”

Daryl holds his hand in the air and looks at Katherine with as much contempt as possible, “You aren’t worthy of uttering my sister-in-law's name. How embarrassing! Josias is not done with you enough!”

Katherine straightens up and smiles defiantly, “Continue to root for the ruin of my marriage! This will only make it easie
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