Chapter 1988 Definitive Conversation

Josias and Katherine stand face to face in the living room, outraged and hurt by each other.

Katherine is the first to speak, “You are being very unreasonable, Josias! How is it that you bring another child here without warning me, without preparing me for the blow?”

“Prepare you for what, creature?” Josias is indignant, “I'm talking about my son! What's so bad about bringing him here?”

“It's not exactly him, it's what he represents.” Katherine tries to reason with him.

Josias nods wryly, “Oh, I see. Seeing David reminds you of Angie, huh?”

“How was the slut doing?” Katherine snarls, “Is she tanned like the brunettes in Rio?”

Josias teases her, “Absolutely. She often goes to the sand in Copacabana to get that sexy tan.”

Katherine spits fire, “You immoral adulterer!”

Josias chuckles, “Kate, I didn't sleep with Angie or plan to bring David back. It was an idea that occurred to me while I was there with him. Angie and her sister are very busy with their non-stop sewing business to grow.
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