Chapter 1989 A Son Admitted to the Hospital

As the days passed, Josias realized that Katherine had indeed behaved as she had promised. She didn't get involved in scandals, she didn't tease or intimidate David, and she never mentioned the name 'Cláudio' again.

Josias, on the other hand, noticed that Katherine never confirmed that she was in heat for Claudio nor apologized for this indiscretion. She apologized for the confusion involving Vernon and Gabriela, but as to what started the confusion, she seems to have buried it in the back of her memory so as not to mention it again.

But Tiago and Octavio weren't about to let the matter drop. In Josias's office, between one residential project and the next, they made comments about the confusion.

“Master, when will Kate publicly recant?” Tiago takes advantage, “Miss Alves has already asked for forgiveness.”

Josias smiles slightly, “I need to know how this girl is doing. Could it be that Kate's beating left no aftereffects?”

Octavio smirks, “You're pretty worried about Miss Alves, huh?
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