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Deltrey's voice cracked, and he swallowed hard before muttering, "I... I have no idea what you are talking about, I swear!" Nathan leaned in closer, his eyes inches from Deltrey's face. "Are you going to tell me that you have no idea about the bomb that your company created? Tell me the truth!" In the dangerous world of the Amber family's, Nathan's parents met their demise in a brutal power struggle. But Nathan, believed to be dead, underwent a secret transformation, becoming a Master of Business, medicine, combat, and the arcane arts. To protect himself from ruthless rivals, he faked his own death and assumed the role of a humble son-in-law to Karina Blackwood. Beneath this facade, Nathan wields extraordinary power, commanding loyal subordinates and nurturing a burning desire for vengeance. His unwavering purpose was to avenge his parents’ tragic fate. Join Nathan in this gripping journey through a world of deception, power, and unwavering determination, where his quest for justice has the potential to reshape the underworld's destiny. Read to find out In this thrilling tale of intrigue and retribution.

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The dimly lit room crackled with tension as Nathan Amber, a man in his late 20s, loomed over the trembling figure of Deltrey Hamel, the powerful president of the Hamel Group, Belloberg City's largest conglomerate. Deltrey was a man in his late 30s with blonde hair and blue eyes. The air was thick with an unspoken threat, and the cold, steel chair on which Deltrey was bound seemed to tighten its grip with every passing second.Nathan's eyes bore into Deltrey's, as if daring him to speak the truth. The room's single, flickering light bulb cast ominous shadows that danced across the walls. Also revealing Nathan’s dark hair and hazel eyes. Nathan's voice was a low, dangerous growl that cut through the silence like a razor."Who is the puppet master pulling your strings, Deltrey?" Nathan's tone left no room for evasion.Deltrey's pallid face was slick with sweat, his eyes darting frantically as he tried to create a response. He stammered, "I don't... I don't know what you're talking about.
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Nathan wasn’t too shocked at how she responded to him because he had been used to people talking to him in this manner ever since he got married to Karina, but he didn’t care about what she had to say to him; he just wanted to see Karina.“Look, I am not here to sign any divorce papers; I just want to see Karina,” Nathan said bluntly.Diane replied to him rudely. “Didn’t I tell you that she’s not around? Just follow me." She came out of her desk and started walking upstairs, as Nathan followed her. They arrived in Karina’s office, which was empty. Diane walked over to Karina’s desk that was at the end of the office as she opened a blue file on the desk. She switched the pages over as she picked up a pen and pointed it at Nathan.“Come and sign the pages; boss Karina is favorable towards you. The compensation on the divorce papers is a house and three million dollars in cash. These are too much for a man with no class like you,” she fired at Nathan.Nathan didn’t attempt to take the pe
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He turned to Karina one final time. "Give me the jade ring pendant I gave to you." He asked politely. Since Karina had no idea what Tinder was, he has hidden it from her over the years. Now that they are divorced, he couldn’t hide it with her anymore and would need it back.“Why should I give it to you? After all I’ve done for you, all you can think about is taking back the jade ring pendant you gave me. Karina bombarded him with questions. Since he was not interested in collecting the settlement on the divorce papers, she wondered why he would ask for something as small as the jade ring pendant."Please, I would need it back. I know you might not see the pendant as important, but it has been in my family for generations since you divorced me; it’s best you give it back to me,” Nathan pleaded.Karina felt that she shouldn’t make a fuss about it, so she removed the pendant and gave it to him. With that, he left the office, feeling a complex mixture of relief and heartache. The words a
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Nathan endured the invasive search, his face a mask of stoic determination. He had nothing to hide, and he knew that his focus now lay beyond material wealth.After a thorough examination, Mrs. Blackwood and James found nothing that could incriminate Nathan. However, James picked up Nathan's Tinder, the token of the Ashes, and held it up. He smirked and taunted Nathan, "Well, since you won't be needing this anymore, why don't you use it to cover three years' worth of expenses? Because you have been leaving off of us."Nathan's patience was wearing thin. He couldn't bear the condescension and the mockery any longer. With a steely glare, he retorted, "I'm afraid you'll have to return that to me soon."Mrs. Blackwood and James exchanged puzzled glances, clearly perplexed by Nathan's response, and wondered what he meant. He continued, his voice firm and unyielding, "The Tinder is a symbol of the Ashes, and I'll need it for a different purpose. But don't worry; it won't be to pay for my ex
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As they sat in the car, including the bodyguard in the backseat, Gwen started the car and drove off. “What was that back there? You were so determined,” Gwen said with her gaze focused on the road.“Yeah, that pendant holds a significant meaning in my life. I am sorry if the behavior turned you off,” Nathan replied. He didn’t want to let any of them know that the pendant was the Tinder. It’s very important for him to get to the truth about who killed his parents.Though Gwen was dissatisfied with Nathan's earlier behavior, she wasn't angry with him. She understood that there were times when immediate action was necessary, and Nathan's actions had shown his determination to recover the pendant.“I completely understand,” she said calmly.Nathan had a lot of questions for Gwen; one was how Gwen knew about him and various other questions, but he knew this was not the time to start asking those questions; he wanted them to get to their destination first.***Meanwhile, Karina had rushed d
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“No matter what he did to you, you shouldn’t have hit him. Initially, I didn’t want to believe that you could do such a thing, but I guess I was wrong."“I am not going to go back and forth with you, but I was not in the wrong for what I did; he had it coming, plus you already have what you wanted to believe in your mind, so no matter what I say, you still wouldn’t believe me; you have already made up your mind.” He responded as he hung up the phone and kept it in his pocket. He was angry that Karina was confronting him about the situation.***Meanwhile, inside Karina’s office, she was stunned that Nathan ended the call on her. This was the first time he ended a call with her. ‘What has gotten into him? He didn’t even allow me to speak; he just went ahead and ended the call on me. Or is he mad about the whole divorce?’ she wondered. But she didn’t want to think too much about the whole thing; the most important thing was that she confronted him about what he had done to his brother.
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“No, he needs to prove himself; how am I sure that he could treat my grandfather? I don’t want to take any chances,” Emily complained, gazing at Nathan with distrust in her eyes.Nathan moved closer to Emily, gazing into her eyes. “As you wish,” he said calmly.Suddenly, Emily started to lose control over her body as she moved away from Nathan. She tried to scream but realized that she couldn’t say anything as her lips were also sealed. Nathan was the one who cast the spell over her; he used his mind and hands to cast the spell; he was controlling her like a marionette.Gwen noticed that Emily was not talking and was moving back as she wondered what was going on. She looked at Nathan and noticed the hand signs he was making as she realized that Nathan was the one controlling her.“What are you doing to my sister? Let her..." Before she could finish her statement, Nathan cut her off.“Look, this is for you and your family’s own good. Your sister is only going to get in the way of your
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Emily intervened, saying, "Let Dr. Floyd examine Granddad and treat him. I think he knows what he's doing. He's more qualified than Nathan. I mean, Nathan couldn't even provide a license for his medical skills. How can we trust someone like that? Don't be stubborn, sis."Another doctor standing next to Floyd added, "Yeah, Dr. Floyd is the best in all of Beloberg. He's more qualified. If you don't want anything bad to happen to your grandfather, let him treat him."Gwen was torn, deep in thought, unsure of what to do. On one hand, she trusted that Nathan knew what he was doing, but on the other, she believed that Dr. Floyd was more qualified than Nathan. She struggled to make a decision.As Gwen pondered her options, Floyd placed his hand on old man Smith, causing half of the formation Nathan had laid down to disappear. Gwen tried to stop him, but it was too late, and he removed the entire formation.Floyd reassured her, "Don't worry, I'm more competent than that doctor you brought her
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***Nathan and Gwen were in the back seat of her car, and her driver was driving them over to Nathan’s destination. Gwen felt that it was the least she could do since Nathan saved her grandfather’s life.“I am sorry for everything that happened back there; that stupid doctor came and destroyed your formation. When my grandfather was pronounced dead by that doctor, I thought you were the one who did it because the doctor was putting the blame on you, and I also believed it. I am sorry about that; I shouldn’t have doubted you,” she apologized calmly.“I don’t care about that; what matters is that I was able to save your grandfather just like I promised I would,” Nathan replied in a nonchalant tone. He was not there when they were passing the blame on him, so he didn’t care about anything that she was apologizing for.Hearing that Gwen took a liking to him, as she felt that Nathan was a genuine and good person who didn’t care about what others thought of him. She wanted to associate hers
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Moments later, the Smith family bodyguards arrived at the spot where Reynold parked the car. They all came down from the car as Gwen and Nathan also came down.Gwen explained everything that was going on to the bodyguards as she told them that they should go back into their car and follow them from behind. After that, they all went into their respective cars as Reynold started the car and drove off. They arrived in front of a tall building that looked like it had been abandoned.Gwen looked at Reynold as she spoke boldly. “Get down from the car and walk into that alley over there."Reynold wondered why Gwen would ask him to walk into the alley when the attackers wanted him to bring her into the building.“Why should I walk into the alley?” Reynold turned to look at Gwen.“Don’t ask me stupid questions; just do as I said; once you get into the alley, call the attackers to come out."Reynold noticed that Gwen was trying to do things her way and that there was no need to question her as
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