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!!!TRANSFORMATION ACTIVATED!!! The mysterious Quantum Reverie watch system transformed the poor son-in-law, Henry Constantine, into a powerful wealthy billionaire, George Thompson. George was everything Henry wasn't—successful, influential, and irresistibly charming. Far from his true identity who was hated and humiliated. And does having dual identity lead Henry to Ultimate Revenge? Or it's gonna be a DOUBLE TROUBLE TRANSFORMATION??

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Henry caught everyone's attention as he arrived at the mansion carrying bags of food."What took you so long?! We have been waiting for you to make us breakfast!" As soon as his mother-in-law saw him, she threw the goblet on the table at him."I apologize, Madame Ofelia. There was a car accident on my way. I was stuck in a traffic," Henry apologized, barely dodged the goblet thrown at his face.The glass made a shattering sound. If it hit him in the face, they might still think the blood would stain the floor."You damn loser, how dare do you talk to me like this?! I can't believe why Margaret married a useless man like you." The old lady was outraged, started mourning, loudly, “Richard, my love. If you’re alive, you won’t let this bastard destroyed our beautiful glasses.”Henry was at a loss whether to laugh, and silently sat down beside Margret, his wife.She was comforting her mother.Richard Wellington – Margaret‘s father, Ofelia’s husband - just passed away." Everything will be a
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Everyone is struggling to process the information they just learned. Madame Ofelia looks like she will have a heart attack because of it. "What?! H-how is that loser going to inherit Dad's wealth? This is ridiculous!!" William protested. He felt like heavens and earth collided because his brother-in-law became the beneficiary. "Attorney Garcia! This is impossible! Why would Henry inherit the wealth when he knows nothing about our family's business? He's just a burden to our family," Gregory, William's cousin, chimed in."Exactly, if anyone deserves the inheritance, it should be William or my son Gregory, who knows how to handle large corporations," Auntie Faustina joined in, hoping to secure some shares as Richard's sister."Quiet! I won't allow anyone especially that peasant to become a beneficiary!" William angrily pointed at Henry, who had no idea what was going on. "Speak up, Henry! Did you plan this to take over our family's wealth?!" William exclaimed. Henry still couldn't s
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Days had passed and Henry remained to be a public discussion and his relationship with the Wellingtons became even more chaotic."Henry, some more investors have pulled out from our company!" Margaret delivered the news anxiously. She sat on the couch, at a loss of what to do to help her family who were at risk of losing millions of money because there was no one competent managing the companies they owned."What can I do to fix this?" Henry asked, having not slept properly for days because of the problems he was facing."I don't know, Henry. Maybe we should ask Mr. Garcia for help on what we should do." Margaret reached for her phone to call the lawyer.They were able to easily communicate with Mr. Garcia who immediately visited them at their hotel."You have the right to reject the inheritance, Mr. Constantine. You have two options. First is a formal disclaimer to express your intent to renounce the inheritance," Mr. Garcia explained, willing to help Henry if he wanted to give up be
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"I will not know it unless you tell me if you still trust me?" Margaret also asked a question that even Henry could not answer. It was during Henry's senior high-school years that he met Margaret, who was widely known on their campus because aside from being the daughter of a wealthy family, she was also gifted with beauty and talent.In an unexpected turn of events, the two crossed paths because of a dare that Margaret accepted from her friends, which was to make Henry, an odd duck, to be her boyfriend.Henry couldn't believe it when the girl he likes asked him to be her boyfriend. He immediately fell crazy in love with Margaret, but he had no idea that it was all just a game. Everyday, Henry watch her play the cello in the music room. Until he saw her kissing another man which break his heart for the first time.Since that day Henry lost trust in Margaret, but they were not completely separated by fate when Margaret used Henry once again to escape from an arranged marriage. Henry
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The chaos didn't end there because William wouldn't let his sister Margaret to have it all and he believes that he should be the one in power over their dad's wealth. "You're so foolish for giving everything to Margaret! She knows nothing about running a business!" William wanted to humiliate his sister, but Henry was ready to defend his wife's name."That's not true! Margaret is a smart, capable woman who is more than qualified to run the company," Henry corrected. He knew Margaret had enough knowledge and experience to handle their father's business."Qualified?! Oh please! What can a housewife married to a stupid man like you do?" William insulted them, and Margaret couldn't hold back her anger anymore, confronting him with her eyes flashing."I am not just a housewife! I have a degree in business administration and I worked in the corporate world for years!" Margaret rambled, trying to stand up against her brother."Oh, really?? What were you a secretary? Oh, come on! You're so i
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When Richard Wellington disappeared, Henry was left kneeling on the floor in extreme grief upon learning the truth. He was also in pain knowing he made the biggest mistake by giving up the wealth that his father owned and was falsely accused of stealing it. Henry only held the precious thing that his father left him before he was killed, "This is the only thing I have for you, Henry. Promise me my son that you never let it slip away from your hand," Henry remembered the night when his father gave him the watch, but he failed to keep the promiseHenry was only seven years old when his family faced danger. His mother was mercilessly killed by armed men in their house while his father took him to an orphanage to keep him safe before dying.However, a person secretly visited Henry at the orphanage claiming to be a friend of his father. He was Richard Wellington, revealing the news that his father was a bad person and was being pursued by the police for theft and murder.Henry was deeply
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Three minutes left before twelve midnight, Henry remained standing in front of the mirror inside the bar's comfort room, anticipating his incredible change.Wanted to witness his transformation with his own two eyes. Observing his own reflection, he noticed how scruffy he was. His hair was messy, his white polo has patches of dirty marks. Henry admits he's not good of grooming himself. “What the hell is wrong with me?” he asked his reflection, a question only time could answer.Henry suddenly wondered things, he couldn't understand why he was always hated by people when did nothing wrong, always ignored like he's invisible, being judged when he's being true to himself. Henry was used being humiliated by the people who thinks his existence is a mistake and taken advantage of his kindness and innocence. “Henry, it’s time,” he heard Nova give an update. He checked his watch and saw that the transformation he had been waiting for would happen in sixty seconds.Henry also followed Nova
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Nova informed Henry that when he recharges the watch the real George Logan still exist as if nothing happened but George will still remember the memories made by Henry while in his body. However, George was under the watch’s system, so he had no reaction to all of his doings. Unless Henry breaks the rule, then George will regain his real memory. Besides, Henry took advantage of the watch to carry out his plans. First, was to help his wife in handling the company but despite all of this, he's struggling because Margaret was Richard's daughter and it reminds him of his betrayals. Henry just had to keep reminding himself that Richard’s children were not at fault because they were also not aware of what happened.For now, he entrusted the wealth to Margaret and secretly helps her through George’s power that makes everything impossible, possible.Henry entered a shoe store wearing a simple black shirt paired with an old black jogger. He was still wearing his shoes that the sole was alrea
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A month has passed and the Wellingtons' lives have not returned to normal as they slowly become irrelevant. Their company is on the verge of losing investors, and Margaret is doing everything she can to keep their business in the industry."I already expected this. How could we be invited to the royal wedding when we're slowly falling apart!" Madame Ofelia grunted, overwhelmed with problems they're facing."No way!! I can't accept this! I have prepared my gown!" Winona cried, dreaming of going to the palace to experience the extravagant celebration. The family was disheartened by the fact that influential families no longer recognize them after Richard Wellington's death."It's not a problem if we can't go there. They have limited number of invitations," Margaret said, grabbing food from the table."You're such a fool. The royal family symbolizes power and wealth. Having a connection with them opens doors to exclusive social circles and business opportunities," William arrogantly ret
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As Henry walked down the street, he caught sight of a familiar face of a woman. He instantly hid himself behind a car, just in case he might get spotted.'What the hell??'' he was surprised to know it was William's wife, Isabella Wellington, she entering a restaurant with another man. Henry knew that William's world would come crashing down once he learns his wife was cheating on him.Henry let out a smirk as he pulled out his phone from his pocket to take a picture. It was an evidence that he could use against William and Isabella, who had been making him their scapegoat.''Let's see if you can still enslave me,'' Henry was already tired of being abused in the mansion, always at the beck and call of the Wellington family. But things were going to change and they would be the ones groveling. Henry then chose to spend the afternoon going back to the Ravenstone mansion to relax where he could eat delicious food at the table without having his hand getting slapped."I've noticed that y
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