Chapter 1990 I Don't Accept Being Fired

Josias is at a loss with the accusation that Zedekiah leveled against him and the company.

“Mr. Nogueira, the accusation is very serious. Please come to headquarters so we can talk further with our HR—”

“I can't! I have to take care of my son who is still lying in the hospital! I'm trying to collect medical bills from Will Campos, but he won't even answer the phone, damn it!”

Josias is extremely embarrassed, “OK, I'm going to the hospital right now.” He looks over at Octavio and Tiago and notices their expressions, “I'm sure I'll keep an eye on it, don't worry.”

“Okay, we really need to sort this mess out. Bye, thanks!” Zedekiah hangs up.

Josias takes a deep breath and finishes the call. He glares at his partners, “OK, do you want to explain to me why I wasn't informed of this?”

Tiago clears his throat, “Master, I didn't think the matter would yield so much. It happened while you were in Rio de Janeiro, so we didn't want to bother you.”

Octavio adds, “Some girls at school bothered Ros
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