Chapter 1991 This Isn't What We Came For

In the Mountain Penthouse, Melissa wants to take Alan's mind off his worries.

“Son, I hope you are more relaxed. First, you are very worried about your Uncle Will's attitudes. Then, you were bothered by Kate's attitude, and now, you want to wage war against your half-brother?”

“I don't want to war with him.” Alan defends himself, “I want to defend myself.”

“I assure you, there is nothing for you to defend yourself with, my son. Concentrate on your studies.” Melissa hugs him, “No one will take what's rightfully yours.”

“I hope not, Mom.” Alan sighs, “But I feel like Angela sent her son here. If he can't outsmart me, at least he'll cause a lot of trouble on her behalf.”

The embrace is broken. Melissa questions him, “And you think your father will allow these schemes?”

“He's been allowing too much of Kate,” Alan remarks.

“Not so much. He fired her from Rocha Constructions and she's been behaving, afraid of losing the post of Mrs. Rocha to Angela.” Melissa winks, “Don't underestimate your
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