Chapter 1993 Didn't Pay the Phone Bill

Hours passed, and Teresa gave birth to Maycon Robinson Reis.

Beto is watching his newborn son sleep peacefully in his mother's arms. He looks up to the sky and speaks emotionally, “Another grandson for you, my father!”

Vera is near the bed with tears in her eyes, “I must hurry to cheer up my father, if he has forgiven me.”

“What is it, little sister?” Beto turns to her, “In heaven there is no hatred or grudge. And you’ll have your moment.”

Teresa nods, “Yes, and it will be wonderful.”

“Rest, dear.” Beto kisses his wife's forehead.

Rosemary and Pedro come in, “Can we see him?”

“He's still sleeping, but you can come in!” Beto calls the two.

Rosemary gets emotional, “Look, Pedro! We have another little brother!”

“How cool! We really are a big family!” Pedro exclaims.

Beto swallows hard. He's going to have to go out of his way to say that he has three kids instead of two.

In the hallway, other friends are waiting to say congratulations.

William, however, wants to cause confusion, “Guys, t
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