Chapter 1994 A Better Future

William tries to dodge the obligation imposed on Josias as much as possible.

“Josias, once again you're asking me to pay for something that has nothing to do with me!”

Josias is indignant, “What do you mean? Caio is your son, it's your responsibility!”

“I don't need to be reminded of this.” William retorts.

Beto chimes in, “Will, I had to take Caio back to my apartment because you weren't answering your phone. He had his uniform shirt ripped and bloody. What's going on?”

William swallows hard and replies, “I unplug the phone cord so I can sleep soundly. The pizzeria's activity has doubled and I'm not keeping up with so much work!”

Josias kind of accepts the explanation, “OK, that means you're not short of cash, correct? The Pizzeria is making a profit, and you have a reserve in the bank, right?”

William grits his teeth, “That reserve wasn't to spend on medical expenses for people I don't know!”

“Unfortunately, Will, that money will have to be used,” Josias determines as if he owned th
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