Chapter 1995 Patrick and Caio Ask For Forgiveness

At Rocha Mansion, Katherine walks in with David after enrolling him in Sunset Village Elementary School. The employees have already started with the Christmas decorations.

“Phew, David! You're gonna go to a rich school!”

“But aren't we rich?” David asks mockingly.

Katherine clears her throat, “Ehr... I mean, you really go to a school where our social class belongs. I don't know why J.J. goes to that public school...”

“Transfer him here so he can keep me company.” David smiles like the serpent.

Katherine smiles slightly with her hand on her chin, “And so he doesn't get too close to Alan...”

“Did you mention Alan?” David suddenly asks.

“Wow! Don't scare me, David, I was just talking to myself.” Katherine quips, “How's your mother's business?”

David lights up his face with a smile, “It's growing non-stop! Atelier Souza is becoming the point of the South Zone.”

Katherine has a jolt, “Did you mean North Zone?”

“No, I'm talking about the South Zone.” David confirms without noticing that Kat
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