Chapter 1998 Expectations for the Year 2000

Josias takes a deep breath and tries to explain his point of view to an irrational Katherine, “Honey, J.J. was already used to Alan and Caroline. In fact, he was getting along with all his friends. Why isolate it?”

Katherine is horrified, “I won’t isolate him! J.J. will go to study with David! Or are you not considering your child as good company? Why does DAVID have to study alone?”

Josias smiles slightly, “David is going to study here because Angela has determined so. And David wasn't opposed to the idea. If he wanted to go to the same school as his half-brothers, I wouldn't object.”

“So there you go, J.J. is going to study at the school here because I'm his mother and I have the best in mind for him.” Katherine sits in the armchair, pretending.

Josias doesn't buy her act, “Kate, stop acting. You felt jealous of Angela for wanting David to study at the school here and immediately transferred our son without telling me first.”

Katherine tries to maintain the pretense, “Oh, how absurd
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