Chapter 1997 Already Started To Get In Trouble

Now the city is decorated for Christmas this year. Mayor Tobias spared no effort or money to impress voters. A huge tree was placed in the middle of Ibrahim Square and the residents were delighted with the novelty.

Josias was passing through the square and looked at the window of the Crystal Blue. The restaurant was filled with families wanting to have a Christmas dinner. He narrowed his eyes and could see Melissa among them, helping Kelvin. Josias smiles and decides to go there.

When he walked in, Melissa saw him and her charming smile immediately faded. Josias did not understand.

“Hi, Melissa. Won't you wish me a Merry Christmas?”

“What do you think you're doing here?” Melissa asks sourly.

“I just came to say hello to you. I don't have any tables reserved.” Josias is on the alert.

“Good thing, because we are fully booked today.” Melissa looks at the booking book, “And it would be hard for me for you to celebrate the holiday with... your family.”

Josias tries to stare at Melissa but
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