Chapter 2015 Fluffy Lies, Inconvenient Truths

At the Rocha Mansion, Melissa turned off the radio to toast J.J.

“May Josias Bezerra Rocha Junior continue to grow in health and safety, under the blessings of God and Everaldo!”

“HURRAY!” Everyone exclaims.

Alan made a point of looking at David to see if he would say 'hurray', and David did.

Carmen gestures, “OK, now let's cut the cake. But no mess!”

Henrique and James already run to the table while the other children line up.

“I miss Caio and João Paulo.” Caroline asserts.

“Both are working now.” Rosemary explains, “It will soon be our turn.”

“Rose, will you work with me at Maggiezine? Aunt Maggie promised me a job opening.” Caroline comments effusively.

“Only if we do a journalism degree together.” Rosemary holds out the plastic plate and receives a slice of cake, “Thanks, Aunt Carmen.”

“You welcome. And it's good advice, Rose. I'm sure Maggie won't deny you both a spot. João Paulo is already working there.”

David once again chimes in by pretending no offense, “I thought he'd want
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