Chapter 2028 The Executive Board

The noon service is over. Kelvin and Daryl count the earnings in the latter's office.

“We made extra money by promoting the grilled salmon dish.” Daryl jokingly comments, “Who would say? A lie of yours has become a blessing to our pockets.”

“I hope I don't have to lie to Josias all the time because of the whore.” Kelvin is embarrassed.

“Soon, bro, and you won't have to lie anymore. Gabriela Alves is giving her best shot to win over our friend.” Daryl smiles hopefully.

“I hope it goes well.” Kelvin makes the sum on the calculator.

“Now we have an obstacle to overcome.” Daryl breaks out his smile, “Octavio Motta.”

“I still don't understand what he’s up to.” Kelvin scratches the back of his neck with his pen.

“He wants Josias to divorce Kate, like we want.” Daryl explains, “But he also wants you to divorce Melissa so sh

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