Chapter 2029 Financial Plans

The following week, Maggiezine's cover featured a photo of Katherine walking in the pool area of the Rocha mansion wearing a swimsuit and yoke at the waist, international brand sunglasses, and a straw hat. A victorious smile adorned her face.

Underneath, the title of the story is in bold letters: ‘Kate Rocha: How She Overcame Death and Paraplegia!’

The issue sold well, with countless readers wanting to know what happened to the current lady of Lagoon City. Some internal tittle-tattle said that the first lady, the wife of Mayor Tobias, burned with envy and talked about killing Kate in front of the employees and secretaries.

At the Rocha Mansion, Katherine laughed and rejoiced in one of the living rooms with the Maggiezine copy in hand. Josias watches her contentedly like a child.

“Kate, I'm so glad to see you happy.”

Katherine stares at her husband adoringly, “Thank you, Josias. I need to know if you're happy or not.&rd

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