Chapter 2050 The Photos

At school, Rosemary and Pedro remain sad in the schoolyard while the surrounding students play in the playground.

Alan and Caroline leave one of the hopscotch groups and approach the Reis siblings.

“Hey guys, why are you guys looking as if we’re in some burial?” Alan asks interestedly.

Pedro stares at him, “You learned well from Reuben, huh? We're pretty much thinking about our father's death.”

“WHAT?” Caroline's eyes widen.

Rosemary adds, “Today, our father said he had gone to the doctor months ago and found out he has a heart problem. He's taking pills for high blood pressure.”

Alan and Caroline sympathize.

“Oh, heavens...” Alan scowled, “Your grandfather passed away like this. They say these things are hereditary.”

Rosemary takes a deep breath, “Well, our dad is turning fifty. Unfortunately, that's part of life.”

Caroline hugs Rosemary, “Count on us, my friend.”

Alan pats Pedro's shoulder, “Equally, pal.”

Rosemary undoes the hug, “Thank you, guys. But it's best to get distracted be
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