Chapter 2051 False Alarm

William talks to Katherine and tries to convince her to break free from this sham marriage.

“Katherine, think with me. What are the advantages you have in this marriage other than sex with an attractive and virile guy, money, fame, power, and an assured future for your child?”

Katherine gawks at the trouble to think. She couldn't answer!

William smiles contentedly, “That's what I thought. These are the things that make you insist on this troubled marriage. But when it comes to love, Josias fails at it miserably!”

“Are you talking about me or your sister?” Katherine teases him.

William is unfazed, “That's the point: Josias's heart is always focused on my sister. I don't want them to remarry. I don't even think my sister would forgive him. But it’s undeniable that Josias still retains the interest. For you, staying married is more of a sense of duty than true love.”

Katherine feels a lump i

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