Chapter 2055 Simeon Won't Get Upset

In the Mountain Penthouse, Melissa narrated to her parents everything that happened on Josias's last visit to her. Simeon and Dora are appalled by the twist.

Dora jokes, “Daughter, are you sure you're not outlining a new episode of 'Sweet Love'?”

“I swear I don't, Mom!” Melissa is thrilled, “Josias was asking sweetly and sincerely. But... Couldn't I cheat on my husband, could I?”

Simeon takes her hand, “Melissa, what do you REALLY think of all this?”

Melissa turns to him, “What are you talking about, Dad?”

“I was wondering if you still feel anything for Josias in your little heart,” Simeon replies in a fatherly tone.

Melissa has a slight tremor, “I feel... friendship, I feel companionship for Josias and I share two beautiful children.”

Simeon continues to motivate, “I understand, dear daughter. I just want you to know that we won't condemn you if

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