Chapter 2089 Friction between Brothers

Melissa is stunned when she discovers that Gabriela is pregnant with the possibility that Josias is not the baby’s father.

“Josias, this is terrible! Damn it, that takes away all the respect I had for Gabriela.” Melissa complains.

Josias listens to her attentively, “Did you for a moment think that she might be a good wife for me?”

Melissa responds without stating the plan, “Well… since you chose her, I thought she would make you happy. Big mistake of mine.”

Josias sighs, “Anyway, until now I haven't had the heart to confront her. I’m not even talking to my little brother.”

Melissa blurts out, “Talk to João Paulo, Josias! Don't let a shameless woman come between two brothers. Brotherly love is more important than erotic love!”

Josias chuckles, “I love the way you put things, Melissa. I…” His tone turns sexy and suggestive, “I miss th

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