Chapter 2090 Plans between the Freire family

Melissa is visited by Maggie and Bernardo at the Mountain Penthouse. Ignacio and Mary are playing on the rug in the living room under Dora's watch.

“Hello, dear nephews!” Maggie kneels before them.

“Aunt Maggie!” Mary exclaims.

“Oh, she's becoming just like my Aunt Marilia.” Maggie beams, “I'm glad Uncle Francisco is getting married to Izzy.”

Melissa is interested, “Are they thinking about marriage?”

Maggie stands up, “Well, they haven't set the date yet, but I think it's about time, right? I see Rodrigo and Reuben treating each other like brothers.”

“How beautiful.” Melissa smiles, “So, to what do I owe the honor of your visit?”

Bernardo takes the floor, “Melissa, where can we talk in private?”

Dora quickly suggests, “Go into the kitchen, there's chocolate walnut cake in there.”

Maggie nudges Bernardo

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