Chapter 2100 It's Over

Josias is stunned by Melissa saying that people want the perfect and original couple back.

He approaches her slowly and then takes both Melissa's hands candidly, “Melissa...”

Melissa senses what Josias is going to say and hurries in, “Josias, I didn't mean to give the wrong impression. Yes, your Mother dreams of us being husband and wife again, but my mother is fervently opposed. She said: one more love affair would ruin your reputation.”

Josias smiles gently, “No one would dare say a negative word about you, Melissa.”

“But… Josias, I don't want to unfairly ruin Kelvin's heart. What about my children that I had with him? Mary and Ignacio will become bitter as David is.”

“Don't worry about David, I sent him back to Rio de Janeiro.” Josias shrugs as if this is of minor importance.

“But I worry about my children.” Melissa insists, “In fact, Alan wants to move b

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