Chapter 2148 Too Soon... Just in Time

At Rocha Constructions, Josias is visited by Lorraine in his office. Our hero is suspicious, fearing that Lorraine is just another minx trying to seduce him.

“Mrs. Moraes, do you have a problem with your work?”

“Work on having the Lafayette family as our client?” She boasts, “Not at all. I came here to talk about something that is bothering me on a personal level.”

“Help yourself.” Josias gestures to the drinks table.

Lorraine pours herself a shot of whiskey and grabs ice from the minibar, “Miss Alves has been visiting the police station and making immoral advances to my husband.”

Josias does 'pfff' and bursts out laughing.

Lorraine, stressed, downs the drink in one go.

“Why would your husband do such a thing?” Josias asks after controlling himself.

“My husband loves me and is faithful.” Lorraine asserts, “I'm sure he found women more stunning than Gabriela Alves. The thing is: she has been appearing in Lagoon City P.D. with ridiculous accusations against you.”

“Yes, she is accusing m
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