Chapter 2147 Afraid of the Beggar

Beto is waiting for his beloved daughter in the lobby of the Teodoro building. As he is still awake, the radio does its job playing Sade's song “By Your Side”.

Pedro is accompanying his father, “So, will Pat and Rose return later today?”

“Who is teaching you this nonsense, son?” Beto is worried.

“Nobody,” Pedro shrugs, “I have a friend at school who says his older sister goes out with her boyfriend and doesn’t come back until the next day.”

Beto gets embarrassed. Rosemary swore she wouldn't follow in Pamela's footsteps, and he promised to be around to help her be a sensible girl.

So, behold, Rosemary and Patrick appear in the lobby together and smiling.

“Dad, I have wonderful news!” Rosemary sings, “Pat asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes!”

“Oh, my congratulations, daughter!” Beto hugs her.

“Take good care of my sister, man,” Pedro says, “I'm the youngest, but I'll keep an eye out!”

“Don't worry, Pete.” Patrick shakes his hand.

Beto breaks the hug, “Did the film help with th
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