Chapter 2167 The Dandy and the Beggar

In Daryl's office in Crystal Blue, he's enjoying Elton John's song “I Want Love” coming out of his computer speakers. He just got an email from Kelvin saying everything is fine in Victoria.

Diane walks in and finds her husband like, “I'm glad you're smiling. Will we have good service today?”

“All tables are booked.” Daryl extends the smile to his beloved wife, “So, are you pregnant?”

Diane heaves a long, hopeless sigh, “I'm thinking of checking myself again. Or I must say long prayers in the Cathedral.”

“Don't worry, darling, when we least expect it, you start to pass out and throw up.” Daryl jokes, “Kelvin sent me an email saying everything is fine.”

“Good, dear.” Diane sits down, “I had a visit from Elza. She apparently wanted to chat and fit in with the new neighbor, but I don't know how, the conversation turned to Kelvin, Melissa, and why they

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